Saturday, September 2, 2017

Hector Half Hundred Endurance Race 2017

Call us suicidal, but we brought 10 students and 4 staff members, a total of 14 riders, to the Hector Half Hundred this year!

As our local race, the Hector Half Hundred offers three route options through the Finger Lakes National Forest: 18 mile Introductory Ride, 30 Mile Limited Distance Race and the 50 mile Endurance Race.

This year we had 12 horses compete in the introductory ride while Jen and Erika, as instructors, competed in the 30 and 50 mile races.

The Painted Bar Stables Team:

50 Mile Competitor

Erika Eckstrom & Rainbows Poco Spade

30 Mile Competitor

Jennifer Van Dusen & JPR Rock On

15-18 Mile Competitors

Cody Middaugh & Spock the Mule
Katie Shaw & Dun B A Whiskey Bandit
Nicholas Bonsignore & Chief

Randall Lam & Captain
Teresa Fico & Bonita Ponyta

Laura Engel & JKGs Awesome Desmond (aka Kasper) 
Pete Engel & Aspen Skipping Stone
Elizabeth Dorward & Just a Smudge
Laura Dorward & Panda Paws
Kasiia Gurdak & SS Sultani (aka Nymeria) 

Shao Pei Chou & Pepsi Poco LeoDandy
Colin McNaull & Bachelors Foolish Blonde (aka Dutchess)

The entire event was a MAJOR community bonding experience with some real successes throughout the community. Many of the riders had never competed at distance riding before. For some of our adult teams, it was their first time going on new trails without a staff member leading the way.

A huge accomplishment was also Erika and Jen being able to compete independently for the first time and to not have to accompany riders and to truly represent the barn.

Jen placed 2nd in the 30 mile race out of 28 starting riders. The only rider to beat her was, in Jen's words "a beast!"
See the 30 mile results >>

This was Erika's first ever 50 mile endurance race. Erika not only completed the ride with Poco, but placed in 8th out of 39 starting riders!
See the 50 mile results >>

See the videos of their ride below:

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