Friday, April 5, 2013

Equine Dental Emergencies

Today was a quick emergency visit at the Painted Bar Stables from the lovely Sasha Kone of Endless Mountain Equine Dentistry. All three of the horses we worked on today were new horses for that were picked up in 2012 and it seems that none of them had ever had their teeth done in the past.

Joker, a small Morab cross, age ~15, obviously has lived the most traumatic life. In addition to his split tongue (which probably happened years ago due to being tied by the bit and spooking) he also had a raw ulcer in his left cheek and lacerations throughout his mouth from sharp points.

Brumby, an appendix QH cross, age ~7 (who aged in YOUNGER than she had been sold as, when does THAT happen?!) had scaring all throughout her mouth from the points and ridges in her mouth.

Bear, a TB gelding, age 12, who came from a large lesson barn continually lives up to his name "Bad News Bear." He had the worst teeth issues by far. He had deep scarring throughout but also had severe periodontal disease (rotting gums) from a protruding 3/9 wave that had grown so tall it actually fractured the upper 2/9 molar and was worn past the gum line. When we cleaned out the perio pocket there was a significantly foul odor.