Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bebe Returns to Spock

Bebe and Spock: Two of the Same

Many of you will recall Bebe, my amazing autistic student. Bebe is a walk/trot/canter/gallop/jump student despite her autism. This winter we have focused on bareback riding in the arena and on trail.

Unfortunately, Bebe slipped off on one bareback trail ride - uneventfully. Then on the next trail ride with a saddle she fell again - uneventfully as well but it was very emotional for he and she was obviously concerned about what happened to the "Velcro on her butt."

So we returned to Spock. Spock is our 4 year old mule and he is everything that a mule aught to be: stubborn, unwavering and unable to be tricked into anything.

At their previous session he taught Bebe patience as she spent 45 minutes just to drag him to the arena. This session was to teach Bebe how to get the animals on her side. We spent 1 hour gaining Spock's trust as he followed her around the arena (with a treat, the with a empty bucket, and then with nothing). By the end of the session she could lead Spock anywhere with just holding the end of a draped lead rope.

These two stubborn, picky and intelligent personalities taught each other so much and really put the wind back in Bebe's sails.

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